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This office specializes in acupuncture. A visit consists of taking a history, tongue and pulse diagnosis, two needle sessions, a spinal adjustment if applicable and desired, and usually finishing with a short massage. Quinn Martielli is generous with her time and often spends a good deal of the session working directly with the patient. She will use cupping, moxibustion, or electrical stimulation, as the condition warrants the therapy modality.

Nutritional consultation is included as part of the wellness plan. Blood typing is available on premise. The cost for typing is $30.00 with acupuncture and $60.00 as a stand alone service. The nutritional information printout is $15.00 as a stand alone service, otherwise included in the first visit fee. This information is what a nutritionist would tell you.

Because Chinese herbs have remarkable restorative properties in and of themselves it is possible to have a consultation for herbs alone. An herbal consultation as a stand alone service is $25.00, once again this fee is included with an acupuncture consultation. Please call to see if Quinn Martielli is carrying a formula you desire. Oftentimes she will have a similar formula by a different manufacturing house.

It is possible to have only spinal adjustment. Usually some unwinding will be included. The price is $75.00.

More and more I’m using “unwinding” ¬†from Cranial Sacral which is an osteopathic technique. It’s both an amazing and gentle way to release neck problems or other pain problems . It’s taken me 25 years and a number of skill sets to be able achieve this level of result so quickly and easily. It is my hope that if I can be of service to you in this way you will call me to schedule an appointment today.