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THIS BUSINESS IS CLOSED. Thank You for the Opportunity to Serve the Community for 27 Years. FORMERLY Miami Beach Acupunture and Pain Management Clinic

Rates: First visit $100; Follow-up visits $80; Packages  are available at a slightly reduced rate

Hours: Monday through Saturday by appointment. 8AM-7PM weekdays

Please phone (305 )534- 0435 to schedule.

Serving both the local and visiting community for 27 years, Quinn Martielli welcomes you to her Miami Beach practice. Imagine feeling well with no pain in your body and enough energy to pursue your creative projects -even after your work day!  Acupuncture was founded as a system to maintain your optimal health. While most people experience relief from only one visit usually a series of treatments are required. Well versed in a number of healing modalities, Quinn Martielli helps patients obtain favorable results quickly- body, mind, and spirit.

Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM.  Acupuncture in particular is the 2000-year-old specialized practice of inserting fine needles into specific energy points on the meridians of the body. Sometimes a needle hurts a little going in but once in place it feels so relaxing many people fall asleep. Acupuncture sometimes includes moxibustion, the warming of meridian points with a burning herb held close to the skin or more commonly used today a special heating lamp. Targeted needle stimulation helps regulate the flow of the electromagnetic energy in the body commonly referred to as qi, or chi. While no one understands how or why it works , once the energy flow is balanced bodily aches and pains, tensions, and anxieties often disappear.  Enhanced vitality and awareness result as the qi flow is restored. These principles of acupuncture and general traditional Chinese medicine have worked for thousands of years and continue to work today.

Miami Beach Chinese Herb Pharmacy Chinese herbal medicine is an important component of this ancient therapy. Absolutely any problem can be addressed using the Chinese pharmacopeia. The time-tested formulas contain a combination of many herbs and the formulas are elegant and balanced. Most problems have an effective remedy: Depression, common cold, insomnia, gynecological disorder, infertility,acne, detox, pain. Like vitamins, Chinese herbs can be taken everyday for health and well-being. With Chinese herbal therapy problems often become wholly resolved. Not everyone chooses to take Chinese herbs – those who do often appreciate how quickly they are able to achieve a desired result.

This office is special because Quinn Martielli also makes spinal adjustments. She has studied both Tui Na which is a Chinese massage technique and Cranial Sacral which is a Western Osteopathic method. So adjustments can be done fast, slow, or not at all depending upon how the patient presents. Adjustments are always made according to the patients personal preferences and at the Doctors discretion. It has been the Doctors’ experience that once the system is returned to its function by design many problems take an improvement.